April Skies.jpg

april skies

by Sun Rai featuring Ben Vanderwal

if you want a copy of this record, Rai explains how easy it is to get it right here:



'April Skies' is the 2nd EP release from Rai and Ben, and was globally released in April of 2015. It was recorded during September 2014 while Ben and Rai were touring their 1st EP, 'Escargot.' While on the road, the duo hit studios in Perth, Canberra and Melbourne, with some overdubs and mixing done at Rai's studio in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. It features off kilter cuts 'Marlon Brando' and 'Limousine,' and sports a slightly more electro sound throughout (compared to Escargot). It was released using Rai's own 'Rebel Business' Model, which is explained in the video link above, and is still available via this method.