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i can see oxygen

by Rai Thistlethwayte

Originally released under the guise of 'Michael Albatross,'  Rai decided to re-release 'I Can See Oxygen' under his real name in September 2016. At this time, Rai was going through a difficult period: he had suffered a traumatic relationship break up, and it was also approaching the 1 year anniversary of a tragic road accident which had claimed the life of his band's stage manager and badly injured his touring drummer. Subsequently, Rai sought help, embarking on a personal journey to find new awareness - and began working through some unresolved emotional issues. Central to his process was a quest towards making peace with some longstanding vulnerabilities - possibly stemming from a somewhat confusing childhood - that had since become buried under layers of unconsciousness. Needless to say, it was time to face the music - and a fitting time to send this compendium of 'morbid, self-loathing soliloquies' into the world...and ultimately, into exile.


To hear it, listen on this page. Or, for the proper files, send an email with the subject 'I Can See Oxygen' to and Rai will personally send you a link to the MP3 files. 


Add'l Notes:


a) Each MP3 file has its own embedded unique artwork, designed by acclaimed digital artist Alex Fry. 

b) PayPal donations of any amount can also be sent to Rai for this transaction (but only if the listener is satisfied with the listening experience!) using the email address